Upward Soccer Coach App Reviews

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Invite Code?

Purchased this app but cant do anything with it because I dont have an invite code. Does anyone know whats up with that???

Upward Soccer Coach

Got invite code and reinstalled the Soccer Coach app. Used the invite code to get into the app. However, it has been showing that it is "loading" for over 72 hours. So, I still cannot use the app.

Makes game day easier.

Once the update was corrected and I was able to connect to my team, the app is working great for me. It really made the sticker award ceremony much easier as I input results during the game.


Love the app but with new code needed to log in if it does not work need to be able to manually add your team to use.

Not usable

What in the world is the invitation code?! The app was decent when I used it last year, but now theres no way to use it at all because of this mythical invitation code.

Login stinks.

Not a fan of the login feature....

Game Day Saver

Its greatest benefit is the use of rotations. Other features are useful but the rotation schedule is what really makes it worthwhile.


This app is awesome. Does rotations for you

Proprietary Changes to App

I dont know what they were trying to fix, but this went from being a fantastic tool last year to a headache. I coached last year and was asked to substitute this year when a coach was going on vacation. I went to use the app that I downloaded last year and discovered it had completely changed. Now invite codes are required, it is tied to facebook, yahoo or gmail, and flexibility is out the window. I still havent received my invite code from the league director (cant reuse the coachs that Im replacing), but Ive been warned not to get my hopes up because the current coach couldnt change the lineup to include a player that joined after the season started. Seriously? This is upward soccer, flexibility and approachability are essential. We need to allow new kids in and prepare for other folks to leave. Coaches will need to miss due to work, vacation, or a million other life complications. Please fix/restore ASAP! I love the upward goal of giving each kid equal playing time and the app is so much better than using paper -- especially if you only have one coach.

Praise Jesus!!

Been waiting for this app for a long time. An absolute MUST for any Upward Sports soccer coach.

League Director

Wow. This app is awesome. It takes the coachs play book and practice plans and puts them in the palm of your hand. It keeps track of substitutions and stars per week and all you need to do is enter your players names. Goodbye coach book. Hello iPhone. I will be recommending to my coaches to download this app. Wish it was free as it would be easier to encourage its use.

Great app, but needs iPad version

Great app for us! Love the star tracker! Just would love to see iPad version. Thanks!

Cant adjust periods for roster management

The main reason I bought the app was to manage my game rosters and I cant. I coach two teams (pre-k and k) and we use 4 periods per half. The app does not have a choice for this game setup so I cant use it.

Practice plan not downloading

I have the first practice date correct and Im connected to the Internet, but the PP is not downloading. Some assistance would be appreciated.


Ideal for game day. If you dont pay $1 for this app, youll be spending a lot of time on a spreadsheet...or talking on the phone to an angry parent whose kid played for a whopping 6 minutes. Coaches, use SignUpGenius dot com for snack sign-ups. My teams parents love it.


Doesnt disclose that the app is specific to the "Upward" soccer format. Sure its in the title, but its not just a branding title- its its own organization.

No Plans

The App will not load the practice plans. Please fix!

Please fix

I have more then 8 players on my team which mean I cant add them to my roster Because I cant choose the same ranking twice. Very annoying!

Useful but has flaws

I accidentally stated my periods were 18 mins each and now there is no way to change that.

Homeschool mom

It would be nice to be able to create an email group from our roster. Many times as a coach I am corresponding via text or email with my parents about practice and game information.

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